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» Cosmetic Surgery Killed Mom of 3
March 5, 2010
The Boston Channel
BOSTON -- A mother of three wanted a change and went in for a common procedure -- a face-lift. She never came out of surgery.

» Lawsuit Ties Death of Woman To Face Lift
March 4, 2010
Lubin & Meyer
A recently divorced mother of three, was depressed and wanted to look younger. So the 49-year-old woman went to the Waltham office of Lifestyle Lift...

» Company Settles Case of Reviews It Faked
July 14, 2009
NY Times
Lifestyle Lift, a cosmetic surgery company, has reached a settlement with the State of New York over its attempts to fake positive consumer reviews on the Web...

» Response To Lifestyle Life Lawsuit
May 26, 2011
CBS Atlanta
Last month, CBS 46 aired a four-part investigative news report titled "True Stories of the Lifestyle Lift." Lifestyle Lift offers what it terms a "revolutionary approach"...

» Lifestyle Lift Bad Review: Lifestyle it is Nightmare Dream in my Life!
January 11, 2010
Photocross Lifestyle
I had my procedure done August, 2007. I, too, had made the initial appointment for the consultation. I made it to happen during my lunch hour. When I got to the lobby...

» Lifestyle Lifts - Phoenix Extremely painful, no, results, promised refund, no refund Phoenix Arizona
October 10, 2008
Ripoff Report
I had my procedure done in 10/07 in the Phoenix office. It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. They kept shooting me up but I could still feel it. I cried uncontrolably through the entire thing. It did not take "about an hour" as advertised, it took over 3 hours.

So you are considering doing the Lifestyle Lift facelift surgery. There are a few things you might want to consider for your safety.

First, there is no continuous monitoring of your heart or oxygen levels available for you during your Lifestyle Lift facelift surgery. This could be very dangerous especially if you have any heart or lung problems or develop any during the surgery.

There have been several people who have died either during or shortly after their Lifestyle Lift facelift surgery. Did the office mention that to you when you were there?

Second, there are usually no registered nurses present to help the doctor during the Lifestyle Lift facelift surgery so if there is a problem there may not have any nurses to help out. This could be dangerous.

Third, the Lifestyle Lift facelift surgery procedure is not done in an approved, accredited healthcare facility. That means it has not been inspected by independent state or federal health authorities to insure its ongoing safety. This is unlike an approved hospital or surgery center that can be inspected at any time by the state to insure it is meeting tough, stringent health and safety standards.

Why, take the risk especially since many doctors can do the same procedure in a safe, accredited facility at the exact same cost? Ask you doctor if he has any complaints, lawsuits or settlements to patients after the Lifestyle Lift facelift surgery. There are really quite a few.

Ask the families of the people who have died during the Lifestyle Lift facelift surgery if they thought it would be important to do this surgery in an accredited, approved continuously monitored setting. I think you know the answer.

Remember the Lifestyle Lift is a facelift type surgery. You will have several cuts in front and behind your ears along with risk of infection, scarring, permanent nerve paralysis and damage. Be careful.

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